Who We Are

“Superheroes exist within all of us! Knowledge is the ultimate form of power and our skill-sets are our superpowers. We are all born with the capacity to take the path toward greatness and become a superhero or veer off track towards villainy.” ~Nalisa Saati, Executive Director of SLA

Superhero Leadership Academy (SLA) is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, whose mission is to teach students professional leadership skills through communication, collaboration, critical thinking, cyber security, and creativity.

Our vision is to empower at-risk youth to become real-life “SUPERHEROES” in their own lives by providing opportunities for growth that empower and foster personal confidence and leadership abilities.


SLA’s focus is three-fold: (1) College Readiness, (2) Career Readiness, and (3) Crime Prevention, as we empower students to become active “Superhero Leaders” in their own communities.


By creating access to positive social emotional learning opportunities, which improve personal confidence in collaboration, communication, critical-thinking, and creativity among at-risk youth, we spearhead and leverage strategic partnerships with Superhero Community Partners (SCP), across Miami-Dade County. Our model unites education and economic interests among the Government, NPOs, For Profit Companies, and Educational Institutions sectors, via field trips, guest speakers, and participation in the Careers of Technical Education (CTE) Summer Youth Internship Program. Our Superhero Movement (i.e.Extracurricular Leadership Club) is being led by a county-wide assortment of principals, teachers, education support employees, students, parents, and other business and community citizens who are representative of the ethnic, racial, linguistic, disabled, and economic community served by the participating schools.



We do this to reduce the risk of youth involvement in crime or violence by providing them the support and opportunities needed to redirect and prepare them to succeed in academics, careers, and life. Uniting our students with Superhero Community Partners (SCP), academic, athletic, and activist Superheroes who then, inspire them to become leaders. 


Board of Directors

Leading our mission to empower our children, they set an example each day for our youth heroes to believe in themselves and change our world for the better!


Glen Benjamin 

Community Accounts | LAN Infotech, LLC

Julius Jackson

Social Investment Holdings & People Helping Each Other, (PHEO) | President/CEO

Jonathan Karlin

Neo Insurance Solutions | President/CEO

Tomeka Napper

ViJIEN Enterprises Corporation | Chairman/CEO 

Jean Tong-Noon

Thread of Life Int'l, Inc. & Community Relations Board | President/CEO & Director

Katherine Fernandez Rundle

Miami-Dade County | State Attorney


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