What We Do


We develop programming to reduce the risk of youth involvement in crime or violence by providing them the support and opportunities they need to redirect, empower and prepare them to succeed in academics, careers and life. Approaches include, but are not limited to providing mentoring, educational support, avenues for employment and career development, personal development and enrichment opportunities.

We provide streamlined, FREE programming to participating schools and students, including but not limited to: busing, food/beverages, learning materials, student/club incentives and awards.


We partner with various for-profit and non-profit organizations to support student professional development and access to employment opportunities. We give students the opportunity to gain valuable work experience and cultivate skills that complement their college and career development, while forming meaningful mentorships with peers and leaders in their local community.

Crime Prevention

We are all born with the capacity to take the path toward greatness and become a superhero or veer off track towards villainy. SLA is aimed at serving low-income communities, 22 of the 25 middle and high school locations we serve as zip codes with concentrated gun-violence by youth. We work closely with law enforcement and community leaders to develop police-student dialogue and mentoring opportunities, including media literacy, to help at-risk youth cultivate their superhero identities and lead the fight against evil. 

College Readiness

Our college partners host monthly

Power Forums on their campuses and advise students on college scholarships and financial aid opportunities as well as differing majors offered per university. Students build skills in dynamic Saturday sessions. All schools join our signature superpower development events and increase their college and career readiness through workshops and specifically increasing their awareness on available opportunities for personal and professional development. Interests are related to course subject, abilities/talents are the student’s individual superpowers and career options are linked to specific target industries identified by the Beacon Council as industries with highest-paying wages in Miami-Dade.

Social Emotional Learning

Without proper social skills and emotional awareness, students move through our school system feeling uninspired by opportunity, disconnected from their communities, and unprepared for professional life. As a result, many students struggle academically and fall into patterns of risky behaviors including violence, bullying, drug use, and frequent disciplinary action.

Students Who Have Undergone Our Programs Have:


  • Become aware of and cultivated their emotions, behavior patterns, and decision-making processes.

  • Built social skills and trust between peers, leading to cultivating lasting supportive and fulfilling relationships in and out of school.

  • Generated a strong sense of purpose and developed their superhero identities based on their unique strengths and talents.

  • Connected their superhero identities with valuable career opportunities within their own communities.

  • Feel empowered to contribute to their communities and make a difference for others during their personal growth process.

  • Reduced or eliminated risky and disruptive behaviors that get in the way of seizing opportunities for life fulfillment.

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